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Training Videos and More! 


Step 1: Settings and Setup


Completely goes over what the Price Group Manager is used for.  All the aspects of the price group manager are included.

Step 2: Pricing
Introduction to pricing via the website which is individual pricing. Great if you want to change a couple prices instead of using the alternative method via the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Edit and Design
How to do your pricing via the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and upload via the website.  This is the most common way of doing pricing when you start out.  It allows you to update all of the pricing at once.  It is much faster than doing it one by one like in the individual pricing video.  There are additional videos that explains formatting and formula techniques below

Step 4: Order Processing and Optional Marketing

Reviews how the update inventory process works.  Once Step 3 is done, this is the next step to finalizing and updating the pricing.


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