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Website Updates 

10-19-11 - New RMA process with guide
-New RMA Pages.

-Additional Added Guide on how to process an RMA.

-RMA email Transactions.

-Easy Process for refunds or replacements.

10-13-11b - Customers Settings Updates
-New Store Options features for shipping.

-Additional buttons.

-Customer tracking.

10-13-11a - Authorize.net Auto Capture Box

-Authorize.net feature now offers auto capture of funds.

-No need to go into authorize.net as it will automatically capture funds.

9-26-11 - Quote Updates
-Newly updated Quote function.

-Step by step guide on quote use.

-Customer quote process-how customers send quotes from the front end or customer side.

-Admin quote process-how to send quotes from the administration side.

9-22-11 - Settings Tab Updates

-Company Information Settings

-Tax Settings

-Payment Settings

-Shipping Settings

-Sales Order Settings

-Product Settings

-Email Templates